About the Communication Hub

Speech Pathology Australia and AGOSCI developed the Communication Hub website with funding support from a Department of Social Services Information, Linkages and Capacity (ILC) Building grant. Speech Pathology Australia have committed to maintaining this website.

Many people generously gave their time and energy to create the resources on the Communication Hub.

Speech Pathology Australia

Speech Pathology Australia is the national peak body for the speech pathology profession in Australia. Speech pathologists are university trained allied health professionals with expertise in the assessment and treatment of communication and/or swallowing difficulties.

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The Speech Pathology Australia website also provides information and resources for the public. Some key resources are:

Find more information at Speech Pathology Australia's social media pages


Established in 1981, AGOSCI is an inclusive group interested in enhancing the participation of all people with lived experience of communication diversity.

AGOSCI also aims to build the capacity of society to achieve the vision that people with lived experience of communication diversity participate fully in all aspects of life. It achieves this through awareness building, educational events, amplifying lived experience voices and stories, and providing a community of peer-support.

AGOSCI is a member-based peak body and a registered charity with the ACNC. Membership is open to individuals with lived experience, family and community members, teachers, advocates, researchers, speech pathologists and other professionals.

Joining AGOSCI is affordable and quick! AGOSCI membership includes great value and numerous benefits, and membership fees support AGOSCI's sustainability into the future. Simply complete the online join form on the website.

On its website, AGOSCI provides a range of on-demand, in-person, online and self-paced educational opportunities.

AGOSCI provides a community of peer support through a closed Facebook group. Join the conversation

Follow AGOSCI's social channels for updates at 

Communication advocates

Thanks to our wonderful communication advocates and their families who gave generously of their time to share their personal experience. In particular, we would like to thank Lisa, Parker and Louise, Lisa and Tania, Katie and family, Kai, Ian, Karen, Dale, Vikesh, Bruce, Aria, Bronte, Bronwyn, Dom and Amanda. Thanks also to Niki and Arabella for their contribution.

We are grateful to the production house staff at Maitree who went 'above and beyond' to create insightful video stories of the lived experience of our communication advocates.

Person on camera screen


Scope has generously allowed the Communication Hub to use many of its resources and images. The Communication Hub is excited to promote SCOPE’s work on the Communication Access Symbol.

The Communication Access Symbol

Scope is a large disability service provider based in Victoria offering services to over 6000 clients and their families. Scope provides access and inclusion services nationally, supporting organisations across transport, utilities, finance, government and retail to become fully inclusive of customers with physical and communication disability.

The internationally recognised Communication Access Symbol was developed by Scope’s Communication and Inclusion Resource Centre in 2011. 

The Communication Access Symbol is awarded to businesses that undergo an accreditation process to recognise communication access as part of their access and inclusion plans. Over 200 Australian businesses have been accredited with the Communication Access Symbol including public transport providers, justice services, local government and community organisations. Watch a short video to see the impact of the Communication Access Symbol accreditation.

Read more about the Communication Access Symbol, including how to contact Scope, on the Communication accessibility page.

Other thanks and acknowledgments

Thanks to the many other people who contributed to the development of the Communication Hub, including:

  • Dixon Patten for the beautiful artwork on our landing page
  • ListenABLE for the excerpt from their podcast of 20 Feb 2022, featuring Noah Callan
  • Burbridge School and Spectronics for permission to use their images
  • The Fact sheet writers for their willingness to share their expertise
  • Volunteers at AGOSCI for being contributing to content and ideas for the site
  • Staff at Speech Pathology Australia for the many ways they supported the project
  • Members of the Communication Hub Steering and Advisory committees for their guidance of the project 
  • Speech Pathology Australia for permission to use videos featuring Jarrod, Kirby and Peter and many others
  • The dynamic project team for their content, ideas, enthusiasm and perseverance
  • Delegates at the AGOSCI 2022 conference, and the many people who took part in the website evaluation to provide us with valuable feedback and suggestions
  • The Centre for Accessibility Australia for their audit work to help ensure the site can be accessed by as many people as possible.