Who is this site for?

The Communication Hub is for people with communication difficulties, their communication partners, and the wider community. It highlights the importance of communication in everyday life and provides information for those with communication difficulties to empower themselves and others. If you are a first-time visitor, read our suggestions for exploring the site. Use the settings at the top right to customise the site animation, translation and accessibility functions.

Meet: Parker

Parker is a young man with Developmental Language Disorder. He has always wanted to sky-dive, but will his communication difficulties get in his way?

Meet: Lisa and Tania

Lisa is a young Bundjalung woman with Cerebral Palsy – she cannot speak, yet she runs her own business with her sister. Tania is Lisa's mother and her strongest advocate.

Meet: Kate

Kate is a high school student - she loves cooking, dancing and hanging out with her family. She has multiple interests, multiple talents and multiple ways of talking about them.

Meet: Lisa

Lisa lives a busy life as a mother and fashion designer. She lost her verbal speech as a teenager, yet speaks out strongly, loudly and passionately on the rights of people with communication disability.