About Communication

About communication

Person doing sign language

What is communication?

We all communicate so much of the time, but we don't often think much about it. It's time to answer the question, ‘What is communication?’

Reasons we communicate

We each have a deep human need to connect and interact with other people and a million reasons to communicate. That’s why communication is a basic human right.

Communicating with sign language

Ways we communicate

Everyone uses lots of different ways to communicate all the time - speaking, writing, images, gestures, eye gaze, facial expressions, technology, and more.

Communication through life

Our communication and our communication needs change through life across the stages of infancy, childhood, youth, adulthood, and when we are elderly.

Group of people laughing

Communication diversity

Australians speak around 300 different languages, including numerous Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages. The language a person speaks is an important part of their culture, identity, and wellbeing.

Child listening to audio

Communication difficulties

Many people live with ongoing barriers to communication which can affect their ability to maintain relationships and participate in community life.

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