Meet Bruce

Ten years ago, Bruce was an engineer working overseas. Then he had a stroke which left him with aphasia. Aphasia causes difficulties with speaking, understanding others, reading and writing.


Bruce has had speech pathology support since his stroke and has progressed from no verbal speech at all to being able to mostly talk in sentences.

Bruce spends time with his family and his old engineering friends. He also does a lot of volunteer work and spends time at a Men’s Shed.

The most important communication tool ... is having an understanding communication partner.

His top tips for communication partners include slowing down, using smaller sentences, listening and not interrupting him.

‘So it's like, I'm talking, slow down! But then the other friend, he started in the middle - he started talking as well. So, you know, slow down, and you wait, and I can start talking and then stop, and you can reply.

He also copes with the fact that others may not understand him.

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